FPW summertime brawl - Sunday July 7th 2024, Live in sutton

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FPW Roster

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FPW current champions

FPW Championship

Big Wavy Roy Johnson - The 87

FPW Tag team champions


FPW zero g championship

Alexander Roth - The 87

FPW  Current Roster

Our current FPW superstars - visit their social media profiles and find out more about the wrestlers that entertain you at FPW events

The 87 - Big wavy Roy Johnson

Big Wavy Roy Johnson - 6ft 1, 251lbs. Wrestling Debut 01.03.15. Trained by the Progress School of Wrestling. Hometown - Croydon, South London (with a seasonal residency in San Antonio, Ibiza). A bodybuilder, former powerlifter and American footballer, Big Wavy Roy Johnson shocked FPW to it's core, alongside The 87, by claiming the FPW Heavyweight Championship, and they're not done yet

The 87 - Alexander roth

rj Singh

An FPW original, RJ Singh is the first two time FPW champion, 2014 reloaded rumble winner and current Zero G champion. A long time fan favourite, Singh has returned to FPW to reclaim his spot at the top, utilising his devastating DDT to great effect.

the 87 - Harrison Leon

Standing at over 6ft 6, the Big Boy Baller is the tallest member of The 87, and one of their latest recruits. Harrison Leon is loud, bold and colourful, and is always guaranteed to make a cash-splashing entrance.

the 87 - Kieran kurupt

the east end butcher sha samuels

Paul Robinson

The Hitta Malik

The shah jordan saeed


kian camron

Archie cole


A true heavyweight monster. After proving himself to be a real force to be reckoned with across the south of England, Twitch has now inevitably set his sites to the FPW roster. Twitch is always looking for the next victim of his devastating chokebomb finishing move or his sleeperhold submission he calls "The Lullaby"

the bruiser samuel jacobs

A familiar face across the South of England, The Bruiser is set to bring his hard hitting, no nonsense style to FPW. Whether chopping people down, suplexing people around the ring or crushing people with his signature BruiserBomb. He's ready to test himself against some of the very best in the country.

connor mills

the centrepiece david francisco

kieron lacey


ziggy strange

smashing mike

the Baron of the banquet
alexander murdock

Murdock is a cold and manipulative individual with refined tastes and impeccable (to his own view) manners. Often described as addicted to his own aura, he is offended by wrongdoings and what's distasteful to others is delicious to him. No one can match his aura and invitations to team or sit with him are few and far between. You be the judge of what's really being served on those dinner plates.

the alpha male iestyn rees

The “Alpha Male” Iestyn Rees is an FPW original. Returning to FPW at the Reloaded Rumble he made a massive statement by narrowly losing the Rumble. He’s set his sights on winning singles gold. With his size, power and devastating Spear and R5, the Heavyweight Title is within the grasps of the Alpha Male!

joel redman

“The Hellenistic Hero”
reece alexios

I have been a professional wrestler most of my adult life and I’m damn good at it! In the ring I draw from my Ancient Greco-Roman heritage, fighting till the very end! “Never give up, never surrender, show no mercy”

brandon lee

jack toreno

taylor james

the italian lion rocco garzya

more talent to follow

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FPW Management and referees

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Steve HD Evans

Founder of FPW

Matt burden

FPW Co-Founder

Lee elmer

FPW Co-Founder 

FPW Alumni

See below some of the amazing talent that has perfomed for the FPW fans in the past

Drew Galloway (Mcintyre)

After returning to WWE Drew McIntyre went on to fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming the WWE Champion.

Will Ospreay

Widely regarded as one of the most talented stars on the indy circuit Will Ospreay has gone on to represent NJPW and AEW at the very highest level.

Chavo Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero Jr appeared at our largest show in front of some 1200 people back at FPW Trick or Treat in October of 2014

Harry smith Jr

Former WWE Tag Team Champion

Hardcore Holly

Former WWE Hardcore 24/7 Champion

Greg burridge

Former FPW Champion

Tommy End (Malakai black)

Tommy End wrestled what was considered match of the year against Will Ospreay before embarking on his journey first with WWE and now AEW

Pete Dunne 

Now plying his trade in the WWE on Smackdown

Colt cabana

Boom Boom Colt Cabana was the first of many US imports to wrestle for FPW


Former Impact wrestling star, now can be seen on BBC Scotland

Noam Dar

Current member of the WWE NXT Roster