FPW Talent Code of Conduct

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FPW: Future Pro Wrestling                                                                                           


As a talent at FPW: Future Pro Wrestling I will:

- Treat my colleagues, whether it be talent or crew, with respect.

- Understand my language can affect other people and be considerate of the people around me.

- Understand that I am representing PROGRESS Wrestling as well as my own product.

- Not abuse my position of power.

- Alert management or the Lead Safeguarding Officer if I have a concern about a fellow colleague.

- Immediately report any matters of misconduct and understand the importance of reporting incidents as early as possible.

- Perform my duties as talent and conduct my private life in a manner that will not affect my working relationship in FPW: Future Pro Wrestling.

- Conduct a professional manner in front of paying customers and not push any personal boundaries.

- Attend on time and understand there may be repercussions if there are any issues with my time keeping. I will also aim to keep FPW: Future Pro Wrestling up to date if I am to be late for any reason.

- Alert management if I feel like I cannot compete in my planned match.

- Be up to date on all FPW: Future Pro Wrestling’s policies and procedures and understand they are subject to change. I will make sure I am vocal about these changes and voice any concerns as soon as possible.

- Make sure that I alert FPW: Future Pro Wrestling about any possible guests. Guest tickets will be incredibly limited and are only available on a first come first service basis.

-I will also understand that FPW: Future Pro Wrestling will not allow anyone that is not working on the show backstage.

I confirm that I have read the FPW: Future Pro Wrestling Code of Conduct for Talent and understand these procedures. I understand that any violations of these procedures will lead into suspension or a ban from the promotion.


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