FPW Referee Code of Conduct

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FPW: Future Pro Wrestling                                                                                           


As a referee at FPW: Future Pro Wrestling I will:

- Have a valid DBS check, signed up to the update service so this can be checked at any point

- Ensure I am up to date with all training requirements in First aid, Basic Life Support, CPR and Concussion. If I am missing any parts of the training to inform management ASAP.

- Treat my colleagues, whether it be talent and crew, with respect.

- Use my authority of calling off matches appropriately and should only be used when I have reasonable belief that a talent cannot continue.

- I will ensure I have read all policies and know who I need to speak to with regards to these concerns.

- I will also ensure I raise these concerns in line with policies when I see them occur and at the earliest opportunity.

- Educate myself on basic safeguarding procedures and laws.

- Not abuse my position of power.

- Alert management or the Lead Safeguarding Officer if I have a concern or matter regarding the safety or wellbeing of my colleagues.

- Perform my duties as talent and conduct my private life in a manner that will not affect my role in FPW: Future Pro Wrestling.                                                                                      .

- Conduct a professional manner in front of paying customers and not push any personal boundaries.

- Understand as a referee I am to report any misconducts that happen in the ring, including any suspicions of unacceptable ring practises.

- Make sure that I am up to date on FPW: Future Pro Wrestling’s conducts and policies and understand these may be subject to change. It is my responsibility to make sure I understand these policies and issue any concerns I have to management.

- I confirm that I have read the FPW: Future Pro Wrestling Code Of Conduct For Referee and understand these procedures. I understand that any violations of these procedures will lead into suspension or a ban from the promotion.


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