FPW Manifesto 2023

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FPW: Future Pro Wrestling

FPW WILL NOT TOLERATE: Discriminative behaviour, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, emotional abuse, grooming of an adolescent (The UK government classes anyone 18 and under as a child), bullying, online abuse, psychological abuse, financial/material abuse, abuse of power, physical abuse, economic abuse, using privilege, intimidation threats, shame dumping, racism, sexism, trans phobia, homophobia or ANY behaviours that put talent, crew or fans at risk.

1. Talent 

- Valid DBS checks are required for all UK talent, it is advised to save money for you all in the future that you have your enhanced DBS done and then sign up to the update service, this costs £13 per year currently and means that your DBS can be checked by any promotion at any time. This will save talent and promoters money in the long term  

- FPW will be looking for a partner in 2023 to advise any of the talent, referees or crew that are suffering with mental health troubles.  

- FPW are working towards a new safeguarding procedure specifically aimed at talent aged 16-18. Provisions are being made for 16-18 year olds but performance is dependent on venue lay out, amenities and the talent being accompanied by a parent or guardian at present. In time we will look at safeguarding procedures for performers under 16.  

- A qualified first aider will always be on site during shows  

- If talent is injured at a show, a staff member will accompany them and make sure that they get to the hospital and make sure they return home safely if they require assistance to do so.  

- We will have separate men and women’s changing rooms. If anybody does not feel safe changing in these spaces, they will be accommodated. We recognise that not everybody falls under these gender identifications and will accommodate in these in stances.  

- We will work with talent on their travel arrangements to ensure talent safety.  

- We will be open with our diaries with other organisations as access to referees, talent and crew might be limited in the short term. This means that access to a vetted, qualified crew won’t be limited to one company.

- FPW will sell talent merchandise on their behalf if requested by the talent. - Talent’s personal social media will not be required to commence storylines. - Only accredited people to be allowed backstage.

- Talent being members of trade unions, such as Equity, will be welcomed and we will remain open to conversations with unions.

- Wrestlers have the opportunity to talk and air concerns directly with management without fear of being held back creatively.  

- Drinks and snacks provided backstage for talent.

- Those in hotels will be a maximum of two per room and there will not be rooms with mixed gender.

2. Referees  

- FPW Wrestling are proud to have appointed a new referee roster.  

- Chris Hatch will be the main referee at FPW shows, and all other referees will have had to sign and agree to the FPW Referees code of conduct before working at one of our events

- Every referee that works our shows will need to have a valid DBS check.

-     We will assist to ensure that all of our appointed referee roster will have received:

- First Aid training.


- Basic Life Support training.


- CPR training.


- Concussion training.

- Referees will have the authority to call off matches.

- To ensure the education of future generations we will investigate the training of new and upcoming officials and offer opportunities to other referees.  


3. Crew 

- All crews will be operating with a designated leader.  

- All crew to have had a DBS check.

- All crew will be 18+.

- Pre-build and backstage areas are for crew and talent only.

- All crews will be told information about the whole day in a pre-doors meeting.

- Max 2 to a room at any away shows.

- The Video Production Team remain the same.  

4. Audience Members 

- Your health, safety and mental wellbeing at shows is our absolute priority.

- Our ring crew are here to help you, if you have any issues, please go see them.

- All crew and personnel will wear identifiable clothing or lanyards.  

- We will continue to provide the best accessibility for fans that require assistance at shows – please email info@futureprowrestling.com (ideally prior to purchasing tickets) to ensure you are happy with our arrangements or work on alternatives.  

- We want the safest environment for our audience members and if this means some people cannot be in attendance, we will work to make this happen within legal and functional frameworks, we will continue to have our audience blocked list for shows.  

- January will be an off season for FPW, we will use that time to review our policies.  

5. Medical Structure  

- FPW will ensure that a trained first aider is on site for all FPW shows.

- Fully trained referees will oversee all matches.

6. Company Structure  

- Steve Evans, Matt Burden, and Lee Elmer are 100% owners of Future Pro Wrestling

- Company operations will be overseen by the named above  

- All management will have DBS checks and basic safeguarding training.

- The choice of performers, the results of matches and the locations and frequency of events are all decisions solely made by FPW.  

7. Going Forward  

- We have separate thorough safeguarding and code of conduct policies, these are constantly monitored and updated. Please see these for more in-depth information on our policies.

- There is a genuine desire from FPW for a new National Governing Body to oversee professional wrestling. There is a willingness to assist in its creation in any way that we can. The protection of talent through schools and promotions is something we will always work towards and we will continue to lobby organisations and the All-Party Parliamentary Group MPs to do so.  

- Any violations of the rules and regulations going forward will be investigated and may lead to suspension. Gross misconduct will lead to terminating any future working relationships.  

- This manifesto will constantly be reappraised with a view to solidify company policies.

- As a company that rarely holds after show events any future events will be over 18’s.  

- We have a commitment to improve diversity and inclusion across everything that we do.

- We will continue to share our diary with other companies to ensure access to high quality crew and talent.    

- We will also liaise with other companies to vet other talent and receive feedback on troublesome attendees at shows.

- We will be working on long-term storylines with talent with their creative input into their matches and storylines through regular meetings, not limited to event days.  

- With our continued development with procedures and regulations in professional wrestling.