FPW Crew Code of Conduct

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FPW: Future Pro Wrestling                                                                                            


As a crew member of FPW: Future Pro Wrestling I will:

• Respect my colleagues, my work environment and audience members.

• Ensure I have an up-to-date DBS check that is signed up to the update service

• Provide identification as proof of age, to ensure that all crew members are 18+

• Ensure I have read all policies and know who I need to speak to with regards to concerns. I will also ensure I raise any concerns in line with these policies when I see them and at the earliest opportunity.

• Not engage in any behaviour that is inappropriate as defined in the safeguarding policies. This is including but not limited to suggestive, sexual, abusive and violent conduct. Bullying will not be tolerated.

• Always attend on time. I will keep FPW: Future Pro Wrestling up to date if I am to be late for any reason.

• To contact FPW: Future Pro Wrestling if I am unable to fulfil my commitment for an event. This includes if I am no longer able to honour a booking due to accident, bereavement or illness. I understand failure to do so may affect my future work relationship.

• Attend pre door meetings. Any questions I have about the event I can raise freely without repercussion.

• Understand all policies and codes of conduct are subject to change and it is my responsibility to read and understand them.


I confirm that I have read the FPW: Future Pro Wrestling Code Of Conduct For Crew and understand these procedures. I understand that any violations of these procedures will lead into suspension or a ban from the promotion.


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